The offical Barcelona sites

The site is the official local authority (Ajuntament de Barcelona) site. There is a vast amount on it, if you are prepared to do a lot of patient searching.

Among other things, it has a good section on getting about Barcelona, and a good one on education, and an excellent interactive street map.

For tourist information, the new Barcelona Tourist Board site is a better bet, but the "News" and "Agenda" sections on the home page are also excellent sources of what's on now.

The official Generalitat (the autonomous Government of Catalonia) website says it is "is a point of reference for the people of Catalonia and around the world who want to know more about the official bodies, the people and the actions which go together to make [it] up".

It also reckons, "what's more", that you can "find practical information, easily and quickly [ahem!], about living here or getting to know our country from a political, social or cultural viewpoint.

The main sections include Generalitat, Catalonia, Living, Working, Business and Studying and it also has links to the various local government departments and their websites. This is your site if you're looking for them.

Use the site map if you want to stand any chance of finding anything

The Generalitat maintains, among others a "mobility and traffic" site. It has information on public transport, roads (including weather and traffic reports), other means of transport (including bikes) and a fair number of useful links to other sites.

Now, about those wild mushrooms...

Look, they're the non-hallucinatory kind, and it's a pecularly Catalan autumn tradition to nip off into the woods to pick them... Absolutely delicious cooked with butifarra sausage.

Pssst! Have you got a guide?
Yes, here's a guide in Catalan.

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