Barcelona under Johan Cruyff

Johan Cruyff was an extremely successful and well respected manager of Barcelona. His life was extraordinary, in both the sheer breadth of his achievements and the complexity of the challenges he faced throughout his career.

Johan Cruyff began his coaching career as a player at Ajax. The need to find a way to get into management was not enough to turn him into a professional coach but his ability and desire to learn the game made him a natural choice.

Johan Cruyff found himself at Barcelona when Luis Figo, Xavi and Gerard Pique were the core of the squad. Cruyff said that he did not understand the culture of the Spanish culture and wanted to bring this to his players. He brought the ‘Mundo’ philosophy which is quickly adopted by the rest of the Barcelona team.

Johan Cruyff’s appointment as coach was a surprise. At Ajax he had taken a lot of criticism and had not been able to replicate the successes of the previous season. He was brought in to show that Barcelona could be more than just a team built around the famous trio of Cruyff, Puyol and Iniesta.

Johan Cruyff’s first year at Barcelona was very difficult. He started the season poorly and it took until March to win a trophy.

In his second season, Cruyff was criticised for spending a large amount of money on new players. It was also revealed that the club were unable to pay off some of their players.

Johan Cruyff and the board decided to stop the public comments. They decided that rather than being considered selfish, they had earned the right to take some of the credit for the team’s excellent start. However, there was no attempt to do anything other than maintain the high standards which they set themselves.

When Cruyff retired from football in 1998, he was seen as one of the great success stories of all time. During his final season at Ajax, he was voted the best European player of the era. Barcelona and Holland are seen as the two sides that have dominated European football since the 1970s.

Johan Cruyff played for Ajax, Barcelona and Real Madrid. He was a winner of the European Cup, Champions League and La Liga and when he retired, he won 6 major trophies.

Barcelona was the only club to take him with a huge transfer fee to fill a permanent role on the team. He will go down in history as one of the best footballers of all time and has a place in the hearts of supporters across the world. He was voted Best Young Player of the century.

Johan Cruyff went on to play in several countries and enjoyed playing at the highest level. His impact on the game was enormous and he has influenced the younger generation to play the way he did.