How will Barcelona deal with Messi’s retirement?

Lionel Messi has been known to be a very kind man, but what will Barcelona do after Messi retires? Will they be able to keep him?

If you ask the fans this question they would probably say that he’s already a part of the team and his name will always be in the books. But what if he retires from playing football and goes back to the military? Will he be welcome back at the club?

In Argentina football is very popular and if Messi does retire from football and comes back to his own country he will definitely not find his place in the baseball league. Yes, this is a possibility, as his popularity is so high in Argentina and the English team in the Spanish league is not popular in Argentina. Messi will definitely face a lot of problems if he comes back to Argentina and plays for the national team. As long as he plays for Spain in the Spanish league he can play for other countries in the rest of the world.

Then again his style of play has caused a lot of hard work to be done and the team will not be able to catch up to Spain in terms of talent. He is still playing and scoring goals in Spain. However, there are some questions with which Messi might find himself dealing if he decides to come back to Argentina.

For example, a ball hopper who likes to play in behind will be greatly missed by Argentina and he might not be too happy about being left out of the squad. It is possible that he would not play in the World Cup. Argentina are not on the same level as Spain and they will need the ball hopper, as well as someone who can play the striker role.

Argentina is without any one who can truly defend and that will hurt them a lot. Messi is a player that likes to get involved in the physical and can be a big help to the team. He is one of the best players to defend a lead in the Spanish league and this could give the team an advantage over Spain in the World Cup. He could also change a game or two, as we have seen in the past.

Of course you will not be able to replace Messi as he is very important to the team, but there is a good chance that he will stay in Argentina. There are many Argentine players in the World Cup and it is up to him to decide where he will play, but it would be a pity if he plays for Argentina.

This question is very difficult to answer. The players like to play for Spain, because they think that it will be the best possible thing for them to do in their careers, but he is not keen on the idea and is only interested in playing for his country.

FC Barcelona has said that they will make sure that he stays in Spain until the end of his career, but Balonzo did not exactly back this statement up. At the end of the day he is likely to be a free agent and once he retires or leaves the club he will not be able to leave the team. Now that is a hard way to go.

We have seen so many examples of this happening, it would be wise for a club to try and get Messi to sign for them, in case he goes to another club and wants to play for them. If this happens then it is very likely that he will leave a place that he considers to be his home for the rest of his life.

Is it logical to expect that Messi will never leave Spain because he knows that he will play for Barca until the end of his career? I would say no, but he might leave when the big money comes his way, like when he goes to the US or Australia. France or Brazil.